What does it mean to be depressed? Clinically depressed.

In her article “Social Media is Redefining Depression,” Anne-Sophie Bine introduces a young girl named Laura who fell victim to the idea of “beautiful suffering” on Tumblr. Laura would spend hours poring over the compilations of blogs on her Tumblr dashboard, craving to be ‘haunted and fascinating’ like the emaciated and self-harming people she saw. Laura was a part of a “wannabe depressed” community on Tumblr, a continuously growing group of people who attempt to couple beauty and suffering.

Laura labels herself and other members in this group “wannabe depressed” because they...

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Happy New Year!

So, is everyone around you hitting the gym? Going vegan? Detoxing? Making other "life changing" gestures in an effort to reach their goals in the new year?

The idea behind New Year's Resolutions is the concept of becoming a "new you" in the new year. The desire to make these drastic changes is admirable; however, experience shows that these overzealous actions wind up short-lived and the desired goals stay unfulfilled.

How can some people can actually stick to their plans to save money, lose weight, and reach their goals while most people give up before MLK weekend? Sure, there is an element of discipline involved but the secret is never in the effort.

We are wired to be creat...

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